Leaving a Legacy

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It is only every seven years or so that Estelle and I have our birthdays over a weekend, she is on the 23rd and I am the 24th. This year two of our daughters and their families came to stay at Over the Mountain for the weekend. It was a wonderful time together for all of us, even though it … Read More

Slowing Down

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It really struck me this past weekend that we have made the choice to change our lifestyle, slowing down and getting out of the rat-race. It was when, for the umpteenth time, one of the guests in our Tea Garden observed how beautiful the view was and how relaxed and peaceful everything was, that I had an “ah-ha” moment; We … Read More

‘n Boer Maak ‘n Plan

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    Lately Gerrit and I have just been so amazed at the resilience of our people. There are just so much wrong in our country because of many different reasons and one can quickly become disillusioned with our corrupt government and the overall lack of services. Everyone has been talking about load shedding, breakdown of our postal service, our … Read More


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In 2007 I started writing and blogging on the LitNet forum, an Afrikaans literary website. It was because of a need to express myself in an anonymous environment. It was addictive. We had discussions, arguments, some really brilliant writing and many fights. It was a smallish community of contrary people, who had one thing in common; they needed to express … Read More

A Swartberg Pass Adventure

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Our guests often ask us about scenic routes in our area. We live in the middle of about 7 breath taking mountain passes. We prefer to tell people about places  we have been to, so whenever we have some free time we go and explore the area. On Mothers’ day our children came to pick us up to do the … Read More

Early morning…Food for your Soul

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Early in the morning, just before sunrise I often get to see the moon preparing to dip Over the Mountain across the valley. Sometimes the valley is shrouded with fog that muffles the sound of everything waking up. In the distance I can hear a cock crowing and now and then I can hear someone walking down the road, already … Read More