A Swartberg Pass Adventure

Estelle BritsThe Area

Our guests often ask us about scenic routes in our area. We live in the middle of about 7 breath taking mountain passes. We prefer to tell people about places  we have been to, so whenever we have some free time we go and explore the area.

On Mothers’ day our children came to pick us up to do the circle route to the Swartberg Pass. We stopped for lunch at the quaint little town of De Rust and had cappuccinos in the beautiful Prince Albert. A little boy who was begging received the most expensive Cheese-and-tomato sandwich ever; next time we’ll check the prices first. A reminder also to tourists to eat where the locals eat and not at the touristy coffee shops.

The Swartberg Pass was one of Thomas Bain’s masterpieces and is regarded as one of the most overwhelming achievements of it’s time. The beautiful Cango Valley has inspired numerous artists to capture the beauty of the valleys between the majestic mountains.

One such artist is Carla Bosch

The trip we did yesterday makes me look forward to the Art Workshops that we are going to host at Over The Mountain.

You can read all about the true South African art classes on our Over The Mountain website and previous blogs.