Both sides now

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The first comment people make when they step onto our property at Over The Mountain, is: “It is so beautiful!”

I’ve looked at this place from many sides now and all I can say it’s like an illusion. I can also say I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, because the wind in this valley turns the clouds around, they literally glide in one direction for a few moments and then just floats in the opposite direction the next.

Let me explain; there are dead wattle trees, fields that lay fallow and old ruins. There is the harshness of the heat and the cold, the maintenance of a huge garden and old buildings and the fight against the baboons. Yet it is such a peaceful, tranquil, silent place that one cannot keep yourself from responding to it’s ‘beauty’.

People escaping from their lives in big towns or cities truly get some rest here in our garden or on the stoep of one of the guest rooms.

Every morning when I open my front door I can’t wait for the joy I’m going to experience from the picture greeting me. Mountains, clouds and sunlight, because every sunrise is unique.

Yesterday morning, the valley was covered in mist. I stood on our front stoep until a few rays of sunlight broke through. I grabbed my camera and ran up the koppie. The same one where I had chased 50 baboons the afternoon before with a saucepan and soup ladle clambering over the rocks. The racket I made must have echoed across the whole valley. I stood watching the sun chasing the mist away. In absolute silence. I experienced the exquisite beauty of this place.

For people who want to come and rest and experience this, we have a Winter special. 10% discount on all accommodation if booked through our website for the months of JULY and AUGUST 2015. Only R540 for a double room per night.


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