Early morning…Food for your Soul

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Early in the morning, just before sunrise I often get to see the moon preparing to dip Over the Mountain across the valley. Sometimes the valley is shrouded with fog that muffles the sound of everything waking up. In the distance I can hear a cock crowing and now and then I can hear someone walking down the road, already going to work….food for my soul.

The sun rises behind our buildings and leaves the tea garden in the early morning shade. Estelle and I love to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and rusks on our stoep. We watch as the fog lingers across the valley over the Hops farms, it appears to be in a struggle with the rising sun, but unless the clouds come in to reinforce them, the sun invariably wins the contest….food for my soul.

A good friend from Ireland once said that we need to feed our souls through our eyes. We need to have a long view, to see beautiful things from here right into the distance, to experience peace and tranquillity. In the city my view was limited to the garden wall and the neighbour’s house, but here there is… food for my soul.

Every day I give thanks to God for allowing me the privilege of this experience. I don’t feel that I deserve any of it, but I am truly grateful that I may enjoy it. This is a new day, it lies ahead of us, clean, fresh, unused and available. God is great and I praise Him.

The parents come to drop off their children at the school down the road from us and each one waves as they drive past. We have met some of them but the others are just friendly. Hansie, our stalwart gardener comes walking up the path and greets us. “môre meneer, mevrou” The other will be here shortly and then the day starts in earnest. I have …food for my soul.

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Coffee in the morning at Over The Mountain Guest Farm