The New ‘Must-Do’ Garden Route Art Experience

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Exciting Garden Route Art Experience

Welcome to the Over The Mountain blog! This is officially our first post, so firstly we’d like to cordially invite you to follow the blog or our Facebook page so you can check-in with us more frequently. Formalities aside, we aim to not only keep you entertained with what’s going on here at the farm but also the surrounding area as well as other fun Garden Route stories.

Being our first post, we thought we’d introduce you to what is soon to be the Garden Route’s latest sensation: the Art Experience Tour from Over The Mountain Guest Farm!

What Is The Art Experience?

This unique look at the popular local art scene entails workshops with renowned local artists amongst the picturesque surroundings of the area, as well as inspirational trips to galleries and surrounding ‘must-see’ attractions, restaurants and markets – It’s an art lover’s dream holiday come true!

We are proud and truly blessed to announce our first two Art Experiences for 2015.

From the 6th to the 11th of July, Sheena Ridley, renowned painter and sculptor will be teaching the impasto technique using a palette knife and brushes. With oil as her preferred media she concentrates on creating mood and emotion in her works of art.

From the 10th to the 15th of August, Petra Stiglingh, a contemporary impressionistic artist and art teacher for the past 28 years, will be teaching new and experienced artists in such a way that they will expand their vision and technique in oil and acrylic painting.

Bookings are now open! Both Art Experiences are limited to just 10 participants and will be hosted by Over The Mountain Guest Farm.

The Art Experience package cost per person sharing is R8,500.00*. This includes the art lessons, basic art materials, 3 meals per day, accommodation and excursions. Please enquire about rates for single occupation or non-participating guests.

Read all about the Art Experience on our website as well as our exciting Culinary Experience which is coming up in September this year. Both are designed to give guests far more than just a stunning holiday on the Garden Route!


Being limited to just 10 participants, these bookings are going to sell out quickly so make sure you book now!

*The price excludes tips, drinks, breakfast and lunch on the Thursday excursion, breakfast on the Saturday excursion and airport transfers.

Explore Your Creative Side With The Art Experience Tour