Humans at OTM from San Francisco

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There are defining moments in one’s life, or maybe I should say, defining time periods when your way of thinking is challenged, you experience a paradigm shift or even realise that your whole future would be different because of that specific experience.


Most of what we do and apply at Over the Mountain was influenced by a South African couple living in San Francisco for more than two decades. Brett and Lyn Johnson are the founders of The Institute for Innovation, Integration and Impact.  We were involved with a programme that they taught, called ‘Repurposing Business, Transforming Society.’  It challenged us to rethink why and how we do business and how to live a life of Convergence (Brett wrote a book by that name.) We learnt that our business can be our ministry and that we can make a lasting impact on society through our business.


Lyn has a gift of teaching hospitality and how to beautify everything around her with lots of creativity on a shoestring budget.  Go and like her Heartistry  Facebook page it’s worth visiting.


It was such a blessing that they took time to visit and bring their daughter and Brett’s Mom to see us at Over the Mountain. Lyn posted photos of their visit on her FB page.