‘n Boer Maak ‘n Plan

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Lately Gerrit and I have just been so amazed at the resilience of our people.

There are just so much wrong in our country because of many different reasons and one can quickly become disillusioned with our corrupt government and the overall lack of services. Everyone has been talking about load shedding, breakdown of our postal service, our dysfunctional school system, SABC, SA Airways and the list becomes really long. Usually there are those who complain non-stop, those who live in denial and then there are those who do something about it.

One such couple is Wikus and Dienkie Fourie. They realised that many people are dependant on delivery services for their livelihood. Especially people doing arts and crafts. They never know for certain whether their products will arrive at their destination. Wikus and Dienkie travel with a bakkie and a trailer and pick up and deliver goods from Johannesburg to Cape Town doing a circle route, through the Northern Cape, West Coast, the Garden Route and back. Every week. They transport anything, from crafts and furniture to earthworms, polecats and snakes.  (I’m not kidding.)

Last night they came from Oudshoorn to pick up a chair that I’m sending to Johannesburg. They were tired because they have been travelling the whole week and slept in their bakkie on more than one occasion. we offered them free accommodation and they loved staying over for the night in such a beautiful place.

They have a group of people praying for their safety and for the business in general.What is also inspiring is the fact that they have a network of volunteer delivery points in each town who keep the network going.  Now that is innovation and entrepreneurship.