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12 September 2020

I can hardly believe that we have lived here at Over the Mountain Guest Farm for almost six years. So much has happened during the time that we have spent here.

We have seen staff come, develop, grow, and then move on. We have served more than twenty thousand people in our Tea garden and we have sold almost ten thousand bed nights during this time.

We have hosted numerous weddings, baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties, Christmas lunches and product launch functions.

There are many stories to be told of interesting people, funny situations, and the odd grumpy guest. We have also been fortunate to have heard wonderful stories told by people that remembered some of the history and people associated with our historical buildings.

One of the aspects of Over the Mountain Guest farm that attracted me at the beginning, was the opportunity to work with my hands, to maintain, improve and expand the buildings. I could hardly believe it myself when I saw the list of the improvements that we have completed so far.

Here are some of the before and after photos of projects that we have completed so far:

The Main Kitchen (Before)
Main Kitchen (After)
Laundry (Before)
Laundry (After)
Main Entrance (Before)
Main Entrance (After)
Old Stables Building (Before)
Old Stables Building (In Process)